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    Homer Simpson’s Guide to Luxury Home Buying

    Lifestyle defines the rich and the famous, which starts at home. From intelligent mansion like homes to resort like surroundings, they have it all. Truly, they are the people who will not settle for anything less than how they value their privacy and comfort for a home. This is especially true when shopping for a Virginia Beach, Hampton Roads home. Better yet everything below is on Homer Simpson’s top choice list of Luxury Home Buying.

    • Totally “Intelligent” home. There is nothing better than a totally automated home in a beach front of Virginia. From the security features to the comfort features, the best home for the rich and the famous are those that do not need “human touch”.
    • Fully automated guest centers. From entertainment centers to music rooms, the best luxury homes should have hi-tech amenities and stuff.
    • Sports and activity rooms. Unless there are rooms for indoor sports and other recreational activities a home even in Virginia Beach Ocean Front cannot be tagged as luxurious. These rooms are very important because of the high class guests that the home may welcome anytime.
    • “Socials” room. Wine rooms and food tasting rooms are always in the checklists of the rich and famous so for a home to be luxurious, they have to have all these socials rooms that future owners might wanted to have and hold occasions to.
    • Infinity and/or resort designed pools. To catch attention of the rich and famous, a luxurious home should have something more than the normal home. This means huge and uniquely designed pools, indoor and/or outdoor.
    • Sports courts. Not to forget are tennis, basketball, golf, and whatever other sports the rich and famous enjoys on free time.
    • Panoramic views. Vast land and panoramic views are among the go to of the rich and famous so Virginia Beach Ocean Front should have them all.
    • Showroom like garages. Vehicles are the penchant of the rich so make sure that the Virginia Beach Ocean Front has a showroom like garage with it.

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