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    When Summer Ends

    When summer ends, some people cover their patio furniture and stash their gardening tools away until the first sign of spring in the next year. More and more people, however, are embracing the great outdoors outside their homes with a number of interesting landscape trends.

    Fire features are big, with everything from new twists on fire pits (like the glass gas fire pit, below) to outdoor fireplaces controlled with your smartphone.

    Plan a fall garden with as much fervor as you’d plan your spring garden, focusing on plantings like boxwoods and maples that reach peak bloom during fall and winter.

    And when you can’t stand the cold any longer, you can bring the green inside with whole walls made out of green plants and tropical gardens nurtured inside year-round.

    Need a little boost in creativity? I’m happy to take your call ((757) 613-6978) or stop by to offer some specific tips for you and your yard.


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